Every critical stage has opportunities to offer.

The documentary Control Your Own Happiness and Health, by Marianna Farfalla, is unique in the way that is has an overall concept to offer. Not only does Farfalla provide us with an historical analysis, but she also mentions current global problems and provides us with an actual solution. She isn't alone in this. She is part of a world-wide community, one which is made up of critical, courageous individuals who rise up against the shattering effects of the growing commercialization that are founded upon exploiting mankind and plundering our natural environment.

After completing her documentary, Marianna Farfalla noticed that her opinions were confirmed by prominent members of the United Nations and UNESCO. Frederico Mayor Zaragoza, former director-general of UNESCO, mentions in one of his recent speeches that we can no longer be governed by the laws of the free market system as these tend to be highly misleading. The power of the globalizers has caused great damage and is responsible for the terrible crisis that we are in today.

The developed countries exploit the lesser developed countries even more than they used to. Every day we spend four billion dollar on armament, while over 60,000 people die of starvation each day (half of which are children). 80% of the world's wealth is distributed amongst only 20% of the total population, while the remaining 80% of the population can barely survive with only 20% of the remaining resources. They often live under poor circumstances and attempt to reach the shores of the more developed countries, often fearing for their lives. Ethically, this is completely unacceptable and according to Zaragoza we are accomplices and thus responsible for this 'unintended manslaughter.' Clearly we find ourselves in a deep crisis, one which also provides us with an opportunity, however. We have to take control of the future and bundle our forces in order for radical changes to take place. We have to rise up and let people know that we no longer concur with an economy that is based on speculation, exploitation and warfare. It is about time a world-wide, large-scale mobilization will take place. Zaragoza keeps harping on the fact that remaining silent is more shameful than not speaking up when you are silenced. (source: Share, The Netherlands, July/August 2008). This reminds us of the famous remark of Desmond Tutu: "If you remain impartial in an unjust situation, you have already taken sides, and you are supporting injustice". The United Nations should be reformed in order for all countries to be guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This way both our culture and economy can turn into a society that is based on solidarity, peace and sustainable development.

The former president of the Common Council of the United Nations, Miguel d'Escoto, decided to formulate a Universal Declaration on the Common Good of the Earth and Humanity. He consulted a wide range of statesmen and other powerful people and came up with the following basic assumptions: Mother Earth is composed of all the ecosystems in which she has generated a magnificent multiplicity of forms of life, all of them interdependent and complementary, making up the great community of life. As the Earth generated life herself, she must be treated with dignity and has to be protected and cared for. THE EARTH IS OUR JOINT INHERITANCE AND HER PRODUCTS MUST BE DIVIDED EQUALLY. We do not own the Earth, but we are her guests. Far-reaching measures must therefore be taken to fight the environmental crisis on a global scale.

Marianna Farfalla is hoping that her documentary will launch a revolution of awareness. According to her, the collapse of our planets ecological infrastructure, will be our greatest concern for the near future. The first signs are widely visible, like the massive honeybee die-off: without bees, our food production will be threatened. We have polluted our planet to a point that it is becoming poisoned with chemical and nuclear waste, we have wiped out such a great deal of both plant and animal species, that we only have about 10-15 years left to repair the vast damage. If we do not succeed, the self-recovering capacity of our planet will be permanently damaged; this will have dramatic consequences for its inhabitants, because the Earth will no longer be able to provide us with her bare necessities of life. THERE IS A LACK OF CONSCIOUSNESS, both with the powerful lobbying groups of multi-nationals, banks, trust evaluators and speculators, as well as with the heads of government and a great mass of citizens that continue with their excessive production, consumption and wasting. A change will have to be enforced upon the masses, but this can only be achieved by a drastic change in our awareness. Marianna constantly points this out in her documentary: the cutting down of the rainforests, which is completely irresponsible, can only come to a stop if consumers refuse to buy both the wood and the palm oil which come from plantations that have replaced the rainforests. Marianna: " When I hear about the rainforests in Borneo being cut down at this very moment and that the animals living in those forests are being sold on markets under appalling conditions or beaten to death, like the orang utang, this really upsets and saddens me. I find it hard to believe that hardly anyone gets upset when they hear this." Many people feel powerless and say things like: "You cannot change the world on your own", "It won't come to that", "Things are going pretty good, aren't they?" I always answer by saying that we are doing pretty good, material-wise, as we live in a world of excess wealth, but unfortunately there is a price to pay. Our prosperity is based on the exploitation of citizens from third-world countries and obtained by mistreating other humans and exhausting ourselves and our planet. Material-wise, we are becoming richer, but mentally we are becoming poorer. For the most part we are no longer in touch with our intuition, to the point that we are completely unaware of the fact that we are poisoning our planet more and more and therefore endangering our own lives as well as the lives of our children and grandchildren.

THEREFORE WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION NOW AND MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS; WE HAVE TO VOTE AGAINST AN UNCONTROLLED FREE MARKET SYSTEM AND FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A RENEWABLE ECONOMY AND INTEGRATED HEALTHCARE. When we look at Germany, we know that these goals can be achieved. In Germany they did make some right choices by cutting back on nuclear power and by developing solar power as well as wind power. On a European scale, their economy is one of the most thriving ones. A great deal of the working population is employed in middle-sized businesses (often family-owned ones) and those businesses often still have a great pride in workmanship. There the masses vote for the ‘green’ parties. Massive protests against nuclear power were held in Germany. Germany has the most developed herbal medicine industry in Europe, like homeopathy, phytotherapy and the ingenious Bioresonance therapy, which I will thoroughly discuss in my documentary. I notice that policymaking is always about ‘either-or viewpoints’: you either choose to have liberal or leftist sympathies, or you support conventional medicine or natural medicine. It is about time we start thinking and take action with the bigger scheme of things in mind. In order to solve global problems, the ‘either-or viewpoints’ are too limiting: we are in need of ‘or-or scenarios’. The ideal social structure consists of a mixture of Capitalism and Socialism. The perfect health care system is accomplished by using a combination of both herbal medicine and conventional medicine, etc.

Professor Leonardo Boff (Theology and Ethics), co-designer of the Earth Charter, points out that our collective future is at stake and that the environmental crisis can lead to a disconcerting humanitarian and ecological catastrophe, one which needs an immediate intervention on a global scale. The United Nations are too discouraged to fulfil this function. Therefore we must create a general normative framework which prescribes values and which is exemplary. Furthermore, it should provide us with an ethical and political foundation for a global community ( source: Share, the Netherlands April/June).

These thoughts fit in with the wish Marianna expresses on her DVD concerning global problems, namely, that a global committee must be formed, one consisting of wise individuals who are not to be influenced by the current political situation, but whose authority has far-reaching influence. My documentary Control your own happiness and health is consciousness-raising and has the goal to regain our intuitiveness, so that we can once again love ourselves, our fellow man and our planet. If you feel my call concerns you, please show my website and link to as many people as possible, so they too can see the compilation of the documentary ( /video.htm).


Marianna Farfalla